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For 20 years, Adolpha has been a freelance writer for the big and little screen, as well as the web. Her latest produced work is a short web series titled, Cynthia and Her Cats. Other notable works include a writer’s showcase called The Double Minority Comedy Hour, as well as its sequel, highlighting social and political absurdities.

Along with being a writer, Adolpha has worked in production on countless music videos, commercials, concert tours and corporate events. These experiences led to her writing an eBook, In Between Time: How To Make It Until You Make It In The Entertainment Industry. The book is a short, practical guide for the overstretched Hollywood dreamer.  

Adolpha is an advocate for equal opportunity of women and people of color in the workplace and in particular, in the entertainment industry. She is often called upon by companies to connect women and men of color to acting, music and production jobs. Adolpha’s latest book, Ladybug Lily, is a children’s book birthed from her training to become a Reiki Master.

Adolpha holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Georgia State University and a Specialized Associate Degree in Film & Video Production from Full Sail University.

Adolpha Cole


This children's book centers on a ladybug named Lily who is a little different from the other ladybugs. However, despite her differences she realizes that she still has purpose and is enough just the way she is. 


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In Between Time is a quick read tailored to your short attention span about surviving the Entertainment Industry while steadily working towards your “big break”. It gives insight on challenges ranging from how to work through voices in your head that compare you to others to the importance of staying current with industry trends.

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